My Dear Izhiun-

As my oldest child I must experiment on you, we must together explore if it is too early for you to understand what your grandfather wanted you to know. I've explained all of this to you, but I'm now giving this to you in writing so that there can be no misunderstanding.

The information content of this "experiment" is in two parts. The first part was given to Boswei by Parthney on the last day I ever saw your grandfather. He was intent on continuing his search for his beloved Kach and only popped in for the briefest of visits. Parthney feared that Kach and her search for the gods would be forgotten.

Parthney's story will reach you by means of Nereid nanite technology, but we may think of that story as The secrets of Luk'ru. I ask you to be patient and take the needed time to digest that flood of information. When you have done so, you will know where to find a second, longer written message from me.

In that second part of my writings you will find my personal comments, an account of my thoughts that were provoked by Parthney's story. There were some ideas that Parthney had about me that my vanity would not let stand without correction and comment.

You are still very young and in many ways I have sheltered you from the facts revealed by Parthney. Don't rush to judgment: take some time to think about Parthney's story. You might wonder why this reaches you by way of me and not your father. Boswei has no patience with the great search for answers that at one time was my shared obsession with Kach. He resents the fact that Kach could not let go of that obsession and that she is now lost to us all.

Above all, Boswei fears that one of his own children might become infected with the burning desire to follow Kach's path and search for the truth about the Creators. It is certain that They do not want to reveal Themselves to us. It is up to each of us to live the life that we have...and the surest way to spoil a good life is to seek that which you cannot attain.

When you have questions about Parthney's story, come to me; Boswei will not want to encourage you in any way with this stirring up of Parthney's pot. I suspect that Boswei would have destroyed Parthney's story, had he the means, even though Parthney made Boswei promise to pass this on to your generation. I give this to you now because your father would be content to fulfill his promise when he is on his death bed and you are yourself an old man.

-Your Loving Mother, Hana
Exode is copyright John Schmidt, but the text of the story is  licensed for sharing under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) license. 

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